We have just started week 1 of the COMMUNICATION learning block. Over the next 8 weeks, we will focus on developing communication skills in football and life.  Through playing carefully designed games such as Silent Match and Blind Football the players will practice and improve their communication skills both verbal and nonverbal. Parents also have the opportunity to engage in the Communication learning block by reading this blog series that provides some tips on what to say and do; Before, During, and After football training.  



BEFORE Football Class: Helping your child prepare!

We understand that being a parent is the toughest job around; endless reminding, supporting, and checking to help your children stay on track and learn! Preparing for football class is no exception, and here are a few tips to help parents help their kids get the most out of football training.

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In part 2 we established that play varies through the development stages of a child's life; preparatory, play, and game stages. Now we can look at how play in different sports can transfer to each other and further compliment development.

首先,让我们看看我们能不能够把运动再细分一下,根据 sportanddev.com 的定义,运动时“范围超过了竞技运动的体育活动,包含了所有能够促进身体健康的形式:玩耍、休闲、有组织的、非正式或者竞技性的运动。”在这篇文章中,我们将分析两种形式:个体运动和团体运动。

Firstly, according to sportanddev.com a sport can be defined as ‘physical activities that go beyond competitive sports, these include all forms that contribute to physical fitness that includes: play, recreation, organized, casual or competitive sport.’ For the purposes of this blog, we’re going to analyze two forms of sport; individual and team sports.


Play in a team sport requires a ‘team' and usually a set of rules built around a particular scoring objective. Within these rules and boundaries, the game is open to experimentation and manipulation. To help us understand play in team sports let's take a look at two of the most common sports in the world; football (soccer) and basketball. Each sport has very minimal requirements to play as you can see in the pictures. Quite often just space, a ball, and some players are needed.


Football requires nothing more than a ball and playing surfaces (of any kind).  From the beaches in Brazil to the hard brick and concrete streets of Europe, football can be played anywhere at any time! Basketball, on the other hand, requires a net and a ball that can bounce and it is more difficult to just play anywhere. However, as a result of government and private funding initiatives, it’s quite easy to find a court to play on.

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玩耍是如何随着年龄变化的?Play Through the Ages



“Children repeat in their play, everything that has made an impression on them in real life” – Sigmund Freud


Quite a powerful statement, don’t you think? In our previous blog, we looked at the various examples of play and attempted to define what play is a complex adaptive system.



As we move forward with this series we will look at how play changes in children as they grow older and move through the many stages of cognitive development. Children grow up fast and so does their play, it evolves with them over time and will hopefully stay with them their whole lives and make it an important part of who they are as a person as Freud eludes to.


George Herbert Mead was one of the first to look in depth at the way children develop and establish a sense of ‘self'. George's studies are mainly in the field of sociology, but what we're going to be using is his suggestion that children move through 3 different stages of development.


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Happy Coaches Day!

今天是教师节,但是我们也同样希望可以在这一天祝福所有的教练节日快乐!因为无论是在课堂上还是运动场上,教师/教练都是孩子的教育者。下面的这个视频名为“比赛之外的回声”,来自TED,主讲者Reed Maltbie (www.coachreed.com) 是一位著名足球教育家,他拥有运动行为学和教育学双硕士学位。他坚信教练对球员的影响远远不止于足球场内。


Happy coach's day to all the coaches! Today is teacher's day, but we want to pay gratitude to all coaches. As we know, coaches and teachers are both educators, and great ones would influence a kid way beyond the playground and classroom. We would like to share this TED talk 'Echoes Beyond the Game' by Reed Maltbie with you. Coach Reed (www.coachreed.com) is a famous coach and educator with two master degrees, one in Sports Behaviour and Performance and another in Education. He believes that a coach's influence on a player is much wider reaching than the training ground.


“It’s not the skills you teach it’s the words you use that are your legacy, you’re an everlasting gift to the future of your youth athletes”. 

(Coach Reed)

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The following infographic shows 12 different types of PLAY.




As you can see play manifests in many forms and at different developmental stages, but let’s elaborate a little on several stages of play:

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2017年中12个经典教练语录!12 Coaching Quotes from 2017!

2017年中12个经典教练语录!12 Coaching Quotes from 2017!

At SoccerRangers we have a saying,

 "Start positive, finish strong,  and embrace the chaos and beauty in the middle."

So we look forward to taking what we've all learnt from 2017 and applying it to 2018, with more challenges, more play, more fun, and of course, more friends!

From all of us at SocceRangers!

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