Happy Coaches Day!

今天是教师节,但是我们也同样希望可以在这一天祝福所有的教练节日快乐!因为无论是在课堂上还是运动场上,教师/教练都是孩子的教育者。下面的这个视频名为“比赛之外的回声”,来自TED,主讲者Reed Maltbie (www.coachreed.com) 是一位著名足球教育家,他拥有运动行为学和教育学双硕士学位。他坚信教练对球员的影响远远不止于足球场内。


Happy coach's day to all the coaches! Today is teacher's day, but we want to pay gratitude to all coaches. As we know, coaches and teachers are both educators, and great ones would influence a kid way beyond the playground and classroom. We would like to share this TED talk 'Echoes Beyond the Game' by Reed Maltbie with you. Coach Reed (www.coachreed.com) is a famous coach and educator with two master degrees, one in Sports Behaviour and Performance and another in Education. He believes that a coach's influence on a player is much wider reaching than the training ground.


“It’s not the skills you teach it’s the words you use that are your legacy, you’re an everlasting gift to the future of your youth athletes”. 

(Coach Reed)


We also want to share with you our coaches favorite quote about coaching.


Coach Tom's favorite:


"We ask all coaches to see them as children first, rather than kids who might be good at football. These games have to have laws of course, but the overriding message for us all is to make it fun and enjoyable."

Peter Sturgess 英足总全国主教练 FIFA室内制五人足球教练


Coach Dan's favorite:


When talking about developing young creative players-“If they rely on you they are not going to be distinctive. Your job is to make yourself redundant.”

Nick Levett 英足总5-11岁青少年才能选拔总管


Coach Taylor's favorite:


"It’s not just about training players, it’s about educating players, it’s about educating players. You train dogs."

Brendan Rodgers 曾任切尔西队青训教练、利物浦队教练



Happy Coach's Day to all the coaches that coach beyond the game! 

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